Advent of Light: Grace


I have followed photographer/speaker/author Karen Walrond at for several years and I love her photography and the tone of her writing. She is very soothing. She also provides links to her favorite songs on her playlist, which has introduced me to some fun new (to me) musicians. In December, she is offering a guided journal type writing course called Advent of Light and since i was looking for a way to focus some time on writing, I signed up.  I’m already behind, because life is busy, but thought I’d take a few minutes to pound out a few words from Day 2’s prompt: Grace.

I have done some really bone-headed things this year, a few of them recently. Though I didn’t intend to, I managed to hurt and alienate some people that I love and respect, and I am still dealing with the consequences. It’s hard not to want to kick myself. I have made my genuine apologies and tried to make amends. I am an impatient person and am ready for bygones to be bygones, but I also understand that forgiveness and reconciliation take time, if they come at all.  I’ve done the best I could and now I move forward, with hope. I’m not really one to wallow in self-pity.  Is that grace? I guess it’s as much as I’ll get for now.


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